Meet the Founder Behind Devesh Pathak CPA

Devesh Pathak

Devesh Pathak has been practicing as a certified public accountant since 2003. His education background is Master of Accounting, Fellow CPA, Cost Accountant from India and Master of Business Administration from Australia. He soon started his own Certified Public Accounting firm.

Devesh has experience in a wide variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, importing and exporting, wholesale distribution, technology, restaurants, law firms, engineering firms, architecture firms, education, IT consultants, wealth preservation planning, forensic investigations, internet service providers, dentistry,, doctors, psychiatry , other medical professionals and industry,. hospitality and construction industry. Along with his regular accounting practice, Devesh is also a tax specialist in the Houston area as well as out of state and international taxation. He has successfully assisted hundreds of taxpayers who are currently in arrears with the government. He has dealt with countless tax audits and voluntary disclosures. He has also provided valuable financial advice in areas of educational investment, refinancing of mortgages, and sound investment advice. Devesh and his team have seen that his clients seek direction on how to effectively financially plan for the future. Using state-of-the-art technology and the latest financial tools, Devesh ensures that all clients receives credible advice and service.