Devesh Pathak CPA's Approach

Our Approach

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Devesh Pathak, CPA delivers client-based personalized interactions, and this has contributed to his success. Clients receive cost-effective and proven accounting solutions that enable them to have timely, accurate and accessible financial and operating information without the cost and responsibilities of doing it in-house. We help clients with bookkeeping and accounting functions, give them access to the latest Web reporting and forecasting technology, and remove the administrative burden, so they can focus on running their business.

At Devesh Pathak CPA, we believe that your need is our need and your satisfaction is our reward. We go beyond financial statements, audits, and tax returns. We focus on providing clients with solutions for a wide range of business problems.

The experienced and qualified team at Devesh Pathak CPA will evaluate your business structure suitable for your business needs resulting in business growth as well as increased personal financial freedom. This may impact your personal liability as well as amount of tax owed which may require changes keeping in mind the advantage and disadvantages. What are the right solutions for you? That is the decision which can be made between you and our team and legal advisors. If you have not reviewed your business structure, contact us to discuss alternatives.